Medterra Review and Guide | CBD Origin

Medterra Review and Guide | CBD Origin


As a company, Medterra has established itself as a leader in the CBD industry. They’ve strategically thought out their products and made sure they stand above their competitors.

The product lineup at Medterra is diverse, offering products more specific to a particular need or condition than others. You can find simple products like CBD tinctures and CBD soft gels. 

This company focuses on using high-quality ingredients and natural flavors to create an excellent variety of products that will meet your needs. If you’re looking for something that is entirely THC-free, they have what you need. 

dr nugget Medterra CBD

Quick Look: What is my Favorite Medterra Product?

Medterra CBD Isolate Pet Oil

Medterra CBD Isolate Pet Oil


Its made from Isolate, so I am sure that my four-legged furry child is not getting any cannabinoids or other ingredients that may cause adverse effects
They offer a flavor that my dog loves! Whether it’s chicken or beef, my dog loves it. 
They are reasonably priced for the quality they offer
Perfect potency for animals
The US Hemp Authority backs this product
They offer a CoA that is easy to find on their website
They ship internationally


I really can’t find anything here. This product would be the perfect choice for a pet

Best and Most Noteworthy Features

Third-Party Independent Testing and Transparent Results

They ensure their products are passed through third-party and independent testing. Medterra is committed to product transparency, shown through the third-party test results they offer on the website. This shows their commitment to product excellence and ensures their product is as pure as possible. Their products are also passed through the U.S Hemp Authority. 

The U.S. Hemp Authority defines hemp as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC. Since cannabis has medicinal properties, the U.S Hemp Authority is leading the charge to ensure that the industry creates high-quality products and follows rigorous standards for quality control, from seed to sale.

Transparent About Where they get Their Hemp From, and it’s From Somewhere Trusted!

Medterra sources their hemp from Kentucky, which has become one of the most respected and trusted states for hemp in the US. The farmers of Kentucky have been growing hemp for centuries.

Kentucky is known for its rich soil and hot, dry summers that are perfect for farming hemp. As early as 1775, the farmers of Kentucky were harvesting some of the best hemp in the world. The plant thrived in the state’s flat, dry ground and intense sunshine. In fact, America’s hemp supply relied heavily on Kentucky farmers through the early half of the 1800s.

It’s no wonder Medterra has become one of only a few companies with access to Kentucky-grown hemp and is quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in CBD products.

Medterra aims to produce the finest high-quality CBD oil on the market. To achieve this goal, the company grows a significant portion of its hemp internally and works with local farmers in the region to nurture hemp plants. Due to this process, Medterra can always produce consistently high-quality products throughout the year.

“Seed to Bottle”

benefits of hemp seeds

In stark contrast to many companies on the market, Medterra gets extra points in my book because they quite literally manage the entire manufacturing process from the seed straight to the bottle. Medterra’s team oversees the growth and harvesting of their hemp crops in Kentucky, giving this company complete control over the process. 

This is how Medterra ensures their products stay consistently pure and quality is always up to standard. 


They oversee the entire manufacturing process 
Their hemp comes from farms in the Kentucky region, a region renowned for quality and clean hemp
No matter which product you purchase from the website, it is always easy to locate the product’s third-party test results
They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
They have a pretty decent selection of products. I especially appreciate the fact they offer products to help ease PMS. 
They offer three different CBD spectrums to choose from CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum


Although they do many things correctly, Medterra’s mission statement is like a soup without flavor. Or just plain pasta- nothing in it makes it unique. They “are committed to making quality CBD products accessible for everyone,” but really, that’s what many mediocre marijuana companies say. But Medterra isn’t mediocre, and I’d like to see a little bit more personality from this company. 
The company seems to have halted any new product innovations. But if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right? They offer almost all the most popular products, and they do it well. But I like to see product innovation from companies as I believe they listen to the public and have a great internal team. 


Medterra’s quality is one of their most vital points- but that’s because quality is one of the most critical factors for a CBD company. 

So let’s chat a bit about Medterra’s quality standards. 

Have you heard of cGMP? Its the current Good Manufacturing Practices, and Medterra’s facility follows these practices to ensure they provide the highest quality products. And not only does the FDA audit their facility regularly, but they perform an audit on their suppliers as well- all in the spirit of ensuring only the top-notch stuff reaches their customers’ doors.

Medterra’s products undergo rigorous third-party testing of their products, as confirmed by batch-specific certificates of analysis (COAs).

Why do COAs Matter?

You can double-check the cannabinoids that are advertised on the package are in the product
Are you particularly concerned about your CBD products containing CBD? With COAs, you can be confident the product contains zero THC as well as the exact amount of CBD you’re after. 
The COAs can determine whether or not the products contain any contaminants (like heavy metals or pesticides) that would be detrimental to your health

One thing I did notice about the products was that some of the CBD percentages on some products were actually higher than indicated on the package. This could be potentially detrimental for a beginner who is counting on having a low dose to start off with. 

One of my favorite things about Medterra is that you know precisely where their hemp comes from. Medterra’s hemp comes from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, and as I already stated before, Kentucky is famed for the quality of its hemp. 


Medterra, founded in 2017, is a small CBD company based in Irvine, California. It was given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has never received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). My research shows the company has never made false claims about its products, which is most probably Medterra has never received a warning letter from the FDA. 

One thing I have noticed is a couple of people have had problems with their customer service department. These issues are not something I see many, but it wouldn’t be fair for me to ignore them altogether, either. 

Shipping and Return Policy

Medterra ships international, so you can still try it out if you live outside the US and Canada. While not every country is featured on the list, there is an easy way to get around that.

You can use a mail forwarding service like Shipito to get packages delivered to an American address and then use that address as your shipping address on your order. The mail forwarding company will then collect the parcel and forward it to you. 

Medterra’s 30-day return policy might not be as lengthy as other companys’ (there are many that offer a 60-day return policy). They are generally pretty good about honoring the policy and refunding your money if you are unhappy with the product. 

What Product Types Does Medterra Offer?

cbd products by Medterra

Medterra’s products are categorized into the following:

Pet products

The company’s product line is broad and diverse. For example, Medterra has CBD tinctures available in several different flavors and also offers unflavored. There is only a CBD Isolate option, so while they offer different product types- they will all only be CBD isolate. 

Though there are a growing number of studies on the health benefits of CBD oil for humans, there is currently very little research into the effects of CBD on pets. While anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD is safe for pets and can help with pain management in dogs with osteoarthritis, it’s always best to consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any supplements or medications.

You will notice that some CBD products are formulated to help with other issues, like supporting healthy joints and bones, helping you sleep better, or providing energy. It might seem like a miracle cure-all, but there’s some science behind this, too: your body has its own endocannabinoid system (ECS) that actually produces cannabinoids on its own. 

When you take CBD, it activates your ECS receptors to help them function more effectively. If your ECS is out of whack due to stress or other factors (like your diet), taking CBD can restore balance and improve the way it functions.

Medterra runs a reward program to encourage loyalty and offer their repeat customers some compensation for their repeat business. 

The Medterra Rewards Program 

If you want to get their products at a reduced rate, you simply need to sign up for their Medterra Rewards program. The program works by granting shoppers points with every purchase. The website also states that once a shopper signs up, they will receive deals and discounts on select products. The rewards program works in much the same way as a tier system, and the more you buy, the higher up the ranks you go. And you guessed it, the higher up the tiers you go, the more perks and discount you can get access to.

The program also grants birthday boys and girls free points and offers Medterra merchandise with purchases. 

I have yet to see any Veterans or disability discounts. If you do fall into one of those categories, I think it would be worth your while to reach out to a customer service representative to see if they offer anything like that. It is not uncommon for CBD sites to keep their discount options a little more tough to find, especially if they offer their own discount or reward programs. 

Choosing the Right Medterra Product 

Before you delve into Medterra’s extensive product menu, you need to decide whether you would like an isolate, broad, or full-spectrum product. 

Choosing the Right Medterra Product

Isolate vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Full spectrum: Which Medterra Product is Best?

The thing is, I cannot tell you which of these are the best for everyone. What I can tell you is that the best choice is a unique choice! To help you understand the differences, I want to unpack the three different types a bit more:

I think this is a particularly good area to cover for this company because of how transparent they are with their products. Each range (full, broad, and isolate) are all broken down in percentages of cannabinoid content on the website. I respect this and think it’s a great offering from the company. 

Let’s start with my favorite, the Full Spectrum Range:

The full spectrum range offers all the goodness the plant has to offer, including fatty acids and cannabinoids like THC.

Medterra’s Full Spectrum Breakdown

CBD: 84%

THC: 2%

Minor Cannabinoids: 15%

Full Spectrum products from Medterra are for those of us wanting to experience the full plant’s benefits, including THC.

My Top Full Spectrum Choice: True Full Spectrum CBD Oil

medterra True Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Price: You’re looking at around $50 for the lowest potency(750mg) and $250 for the highest potency (6000mg)


Range of pricing options for everyone to find something that fits their budget
Two different flavors (Citrus and Choc Mint)


I prefer natural, unflavored oils- but they don’t offer a natural option, only the flavored.

Medterra’s Ultra Based Broad Spectrum Breakdown

Medterra's Ultra Based Broad Spectrum Breakdown

CBD: 90%

THC: 0.01%

Minor Cannabinoids: 10%

This broad-spectrum range is geared towards those who want to enjoy the benefits of the full spectrum without the THC.

My Top Ultra Broad Spectrum Choice: CBG + CBD Oil

Price: $79 for the lowest potency (1000mg) and $129 for the highest potency (2000mg)


CBG is regarded as a rare cannabinoid, and I love this formulation with CBD and CBG. 
Considering it is made with a rare cannabinoid, the price point isn’t too high


Only one flavor option: Citrus
I would prefer more potency options to choose from

Medterra’s CBD Isolate Breakdown

Medterra's CBD Isolate Breakdown

CBD: 99. 9% CBD

THC: 0.0%

Minor Cannabinoids: 0.1%

If you’re looking for a CBD product with only CBD, then Medterra’s Isolate range is the ideal range for you.

My Top CBD Isolate Product Choice

CBD & Melatonin Sleep Tight Gummies

CBD & Melatonin Sleep Tight Gummies

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat before bed? Well, me, I don’t. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth at all. I didn’t even eat a single ‘sweet’ or ‘candy’ for months before I had a CBD gummy. And now? Well, let’s just say after finding CBD & Melatonin Sleep Tight Gummies, I look forward to my after-dinner treat on most nights. 


25mg sits at around $39.99, and 50mg is $69.99. I think this is a fair price, although it does sit ever so slightly higher than other products in the gummy marketplace. But you know what? I like Medterra and will choose their products over other brands. 


Formulated with melatonin 
They are vegan
No artificial colorants or flavorings
They don’t use obscenely high levels of corn fructose syrup 


There’s only one size option (pack of 30 gummies) 

Now that we’ve unpacked the different ranges you can choose from (I hope I made it easier for you), it’s time to choose your preferred delivery method. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to pack your cupboard with a range of product types to suit any mood at any time. That’s not because I’m greedy; instead, it’s because I am pretty particular about what I like, but I am also incredibly indecisive. I enjoy several delivery methods- and all for different reasons, so I like to keep at least two different types at my disposal. 

My favorites are: 

I should include the topicals as well because I enjoy using CBD formulate cream on my skin. However, I choose a different brand for that, so I will leave that out of my Medterra list. 

How do you choose your delivery method?

Here’s a Quick Summary

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself this question: How do you want to feel, and how fast do you want to feel that way?

Medterra’s CBD Oils and Tinctures

Medterra's CBD Oils and Tinctures


If you use a tincture under the tongue, you have a rapid onset of effects. 
You have a choice between administering it orally (takes longer to come on) or sublingually (rapid onset)
There are many different cannabinoid combinations to choose from
Relatively easy dosing. Simply select the potency that matches with your experience level and follow the product guidelines
Often come in a variety of flavors


Tinctures and oils can get messy when dosing. 
They are not as inconspicuous as other product types

CBD Oils are great for beginners because they have a dropper applicator to make dosing easier. Oils are probably the most commonly used CBD products because they are versatile, and there are many different types available to choose from. 

Medterra CBD Oils come in isolated, broad, and full-spectrum forms. 

Medterra’s CBD Capsules

Medterra's CBD Capsules


Easy and fast way to take CBD
A concise and consistent way to get your CBD dose
No weird taste to deal with


Oral supplements mean it takes a little bit longer for you to feel the effects

Medterra’s CBD capsules are available in broad, full, and isolate forms and in various potencies. 

Medterra’s CBD Gummies

Medterra's CBD Gummies


Made without artificial flavors and formulated with natural ingredients
Variety to choose from (formulated for various purposes)
Plant-based formula (they’re vegan)
They are formulated with their medical advisory board


The only con for me is that they are only available in a pack of 30 gummies

Medterra’s CBD Topicals and Creams

Medterra's CBD Topicals and Creams


Some of my favorite athletes are either endorsing or sponsored by Medterra, especially their topicals and creams
They have well-thought-out products to suit different needs
Available in different forms, like a roll-on and a cream, for example
Formulated with medical advisors


I don’t have any cons for their topicals

Medterra’s CBD for Pet Products

Medterra's CBD for Pet Products


Organic ingredients 
Formulated with vets 
They claim to use natural flavorings
Clinically tested
Three types to choose from: drops and two different chews (a joint support and a calming chew)


I don’t have any cons for the Medterra CBD for Pet product range

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the Medterra Alternatives?

Answer: I believe that quality should be a top priority, so I look for products with a similar quality to Medterra, even if it is slightly higher priced. My top alternative would be Joy Organics because I like their emphasis on creating a pure and potent product. 

Question: Will Medterra’s Products show up on a Drug Test?

Answer: Medterra’s Isolate range is your best bet if you need to take a drug test. Avoid their broad and full spectrum range if you are concerned about testing positive on a drug test.

Question: How Long Does Medterra Take to Ship?

Answer: Medterra will typically take 4-7 days to ship their products within the USA. 

Question: Is Medterra CBD Organic? 

Answer: Medterra CBD is sourced from organic hemp grown in the USA. 

The Bottom Line

Medterra is one of my favorite companies to buy CBD products from.

Medterra has a wide range of CBD products, including CBD isolate. Their wide range of product offerings includes everything from tinctures to topicals and pet products, so you can find one that suits your needs.

On their website, it’s easy to find out where Medterra sources its hemp and how it extracts its CBD. You can also see third-party lab test results for each batch of products.

They also sponsor some of my favorite athletes, like pro surfer Alana Blanchard. The Medterra company is committed to endorsing a healthy and active lifestyle.

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