How to Find the Best CBD for Constipation

How to Find the Best CBD for Constipation


You have probably heard of the CBD for anxiety, depression, maybe even CBD for chemotherapy. Thankfully, there are a lot of therapeutic benefits that CBD has to offer for anyone struggling with constipation. Frequently, constipation is accompanied by nausea, stomach pain, and intestinal pain. However, many of the side effects of constipation can be treated with the help of CBD.

 It can be challenging to understand the lifestyle choices you’re making that cause constipation, mainly because talking about this condition is often a taboo subject. So, if you’re looking to better understand what causes your constipation and what can be done to help treat it, you’ve come to the right place. But, whether you were looking to treat constipation itself or you’re just looking to manage symptoms, CBD is a beautiful and natural tool!

Bottom line up front: I would recommend Royal CBD! They’re a fantastic brand, and I love all of the different dosage options available. 

What is Constipation?


First, I believe it’s essential to identify what exactly constipation is. Not many people are aware of how to define this condition, which is why it’s necessary to talk about what constipation is. In a healthy digestive system, having three to four bowel movements a week is considered to be expected. But, when you’re suffering from constipation, you have even fewer bowel movements than this. Oftentimes, An individual suffering from constipation will also experience pain when they have bowel movements.

 There is a lot of different symptoms that are associated with constipation. Some people may feel like they’re bloated. In contrast, other people will experience a challenging and lumpy stool, difficulty passing a stool, or having painful bowel movements.

 It’s considered to be completely normal to have bouts of constipation, especially considering how large of an impact dietary habits have on constipation. For example, if you’ve had a lot of cheese throughout the week, it isn’t uncommon for you to develop constipation.

 There are certain risk factors that can increase your chances of having chronic problems with constipation throughout your life. Being female, older, and not being very active are all risk factors that can increase your chances of regular constipation. 

In addition, if you consume a diet that’s low in fiber, low in calories, or you’re dehydrated, these are all risk factors that can increase the likelihood of developing problems with constipation. There are some medications as well as health conditions that can also increase the chances of all of you developing constipation.

 If constipation goes on for an extended period of time, it can cause you to develop long-term problems with your digestive system. If that were to happen, you need to discuss the possibility of you having chronic constipation with a doctor. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid found in both cannabis and hemp plant. If you’re looking for a complete breakdown of what exactly CBD is, it’s essential for you to check out our other guides that provide a lot more information that breaks down everything you need to know. CBD works by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system in your body is responsible for regulating your body’s immune response, as well as helping to regulate your moods, your body’s reaction to pain and inflammation, among many other things. 

CBD was made federally legal back in the 2018 Farm Bill. You need to know that CBD and THC aren’t the same things. THC is one of the most prominent chemical compounds found inside marijuana plants. This is the chemical compound that’s responsible for the high sensation that is a lot of people get when they smoke marijuana. However, CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties. So see, you don’t have to worry about getting high when you use CBD. 

CBD works in your body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system contains a whole collection of receptors that help to regulate several functions inside of your body. How strongly CBD affects the endocannabinoid system in your body depends on how often you use CBD, how much see we do you use, your weight, your age, and a lot of other factors.

Does CBD Work for Constipation?

Yes, CBD does help with constipation. If there’s any dysfunction in your digestive system, the CBD will help your body properly regulate again. If information happens to be the cause of your body’s constipation, CBD will help to regulate your body’s reaction to the inflammation by blocking the enzymes that are responsible for triggering inflammation in the body. In addition, CBD will help to slow your body’s reaction from responding to any additional triggers, therefore reducing inflammation. 

What Type of CBD Should you Use?

What Type of CBD Should you Use

 You may be wondering if there’s one type of CBD that’s more effective at treating constipation than another. Every kind of CBD on the market has an impressive list of benefits compared to the other available options. Some people enjoy using edible CBD products because they’re more discreet, easier to use, and kick in faster. Other people enjoy using tinctures because they can quickly take effect since the CBD can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

There are some forms of CBD that tend to last longer than others. For example, CBD edibles can last up to 8 hours, whereas edibles to last up to 12 hours. You should always aim to have as pure CBD as you can find. However, since CBD isn’t federally regulated, it can be hard to find trustworthy brands. That’s why it’s essential that you do plenty of research before you commit to buying CBD from one brand. 

How to Choose the Best CBD Products

Now, to ensure that you can choose the best CBD products on the market, it’s vital that you know how to shop around for CBD. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that fill their products with ingredients that aren’t trustworthy. Instead of filling their CBD products with pure CBD, many companies tend to use synthetic ingredients as a filler. 

All of the advice I provided below is the same advice I used to make the product recommendations I’ve listed below for you. 

Go Look for Lab Test Results

 The first thing I would highly recommend to anyone who’s shopping around for CBD products that’ll help to relieve their constipation is to look for the third-party lab test results on the company’s website. And if you can’t find any test results on the company’s website, I would highly recommend that you find a different company to buy from. Any company that’s worth your money will display all of the lab results they have for their products. These lab test results show their customers the potency, accuracy, end of world quality of the products they offer. 

Check to see Where the Company Gets its Hemp From

 It’s really important to identify where a company is harvesting its hemp from. If a company doesn’t source their hemp from farms or growers inside of the United States, there’s a good chance that the THC inside of the hemp is a lot higher than you’re bargaining for. That’s because a lot of companies outside of the United States don’t follow along with the regulations that the United States federal government put in place for legal THC levels.

So, to ensure that you are getting too much THC in your CBD products, I personally would highly recommend only buying from companies that publicly display where they get their hemp from. This is also helpful for investigating the farming practices a hemp grower has.

 You want to ensure that a hemp farmer doesn’t put your health at risk by following poor growing practices. If a hemp farmer uses pesticides or chemicals in their farming practices, you will be ingesting small amounts of those toxins when you’re consuming CBD. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re purchasing CBD products from hemp farmers and growers that only use organic practices. This will ensure you’re not ingesting any heavy metals, toxins, or pesticides in the CBD products you’re consuming.

Don’t Always go for the Cheapest Option

It’s essential that you don’t just choose the cheapest option available to you. In more cases than not, CBD products that are super cheap don’t contain any actual CBD inside of them. So, if you want to make sure that you’re getting the real deal inside of your bottle or whatever type of CBD you do decide to purchase, know that it’s probably going to take a bit more of an investment than you were anticipating to get your hands on a high-quality CBD product.

The Best CBD Products on the Market for Constipation

Now that you understand more what constipation is and how CBD can help it, it’s important for you to take a look at some of the best CBD products on the market. So, without any further hesitation, here are my top recommendations for CBD oils to help with constipation.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD

 Honestly, I could get into a good discussion about Royal CBD. They are known as one of the best CBD oil company is on the market, and I have a hard time finding reasons to argue against that. They have a dedication to quality that I have yet to see in any other brand. There are several dosage options available, ranging from 215 mg all the way up to 2500 mg of CBD. You can choose to purchase CBD oil in their natural flavor, or Berry, Mint, or vanilla. Even just by looking at the packaging, you can tell this company is serious about the quality of its brand.

 And honestly, for the quality that you’re getting inside of a bottle, this isn’t an expensive brand. I find that these oils are actually a lot cheaper than other brands that offer similar (or lower) quality. Plus, with all the different potencies available for you to choose from, that’s really hard to beat this option. This is an excellent CBD oil option to try if you are looking for a highly potent CBD oil that will help you manage the pain and inflammation that comes with your constipation.

 In addition, all of the hemp plants that are used in the CBD oil are completely organic and only come from farms based in the United States. You’ll also notice that the CBD company uses full-spectrum CBD inside their products, which is beneficial for someone explicitly looking for full-spectrum CBD oil. I also love how easy it is to find the lab test results on the company’s website, which helps to ensure the overall quality end integrity of the CBD oil from Royal CD. Plus, I feel like the taste of the CBD oil is excellent, especially since I’m not too partial to the natural flavor of CBD oil. 

The only bad thing to say about this brand is that they’re newer to the CBD market, so some people who are more experienced with CBD may not completely trust this company. But, I have to say that literally thousands of different CBD users have left additional positive reviews, so I feel like there’s a lot to say in that.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

 Charlotte’s Web is one of the oldest CBD manufacturers in the industry. They’re very well known for being a trustworthy company. The company first got together to try to develop a treatment to help a woman named Charlotte treat her epilepsy. Since then, the company now has had a massive fan base and helped thousands of different people with its products. 

I think Charlotte’s Web is another great company to go to if you’re looking for help with constipation because of the range and dosages they offer. You can choose between several different flavors, such as orange blossom, olive oil, lemon twist, and mint chocolate. As far as dosage is, you can choose between 200 mg of CBD all the way up to 1800 mg per bottle. At the 1800 mg of CBD per bottle, the beginning of 16 mg of CBD per serving. With their top-of-the-list reputation on the market, range of potencies, and the overall quality of their products, there’s not a lot to argue against with this brand. I’ve personally recommended their products to many people, especially those who are struggling with chronic inflammation end chronic pain. 

The biggest complaint that I have about Charlotte’s Web is that they use olive oil for their suspension oil, which is the best option to go with for flavoring. 

Joy Organics

Joy Organics

Lastly, Joy Organics is another company that offers several CBD products but is well known for its CBD oils. You can find bottles with 400 mg of CBD all the way up to 900 mg of CBD from Joy Organics. Plus, the flavor options you have to choose from are summer lemon, tranquil mint, and fresh lime. At the highest dosage of bailable from Joy Organics, you’ll get 30 ml mg of CBD per serving.

Joy Organics is well known for being a highly reputable company within the CBD industry. And if it makes any difference to you, they also haven’t received any letters from the FDA warning them of giving wrong or misleading advice for their products. Even big-name brands like Charlotte’s Web have received these types of warnings. So, if that’s a big deal to you, I just wanted to put that out there. 

In the CBD oils provided by Joy Organics, you’ll find broad-spectrum CBD harvested from hemp that was grown in the United States. All of the hemp that they used in the harvesting process for the CBD oil doesn’t contain any GMOs and uses superficial CO2 extraction to harvest the CBD out of the hemp plant. In addition, all of Joy Organics products are THC-free. Which would be very beneficial if you’re looking to completely avoid any THC in your CBD products. 

I think this would be an excellent option for someone who wants to try out THC but doesn’t want to try anything with too high of a strength. Their CBD products, not just the oils that they offer, aren’t very high strength. But, if you’re looking for something on the low end or middle of the ground, I think this is the perfect option for you. In addition, you do have to pay for the quality that you are receiving from Joy Organics, so expect to have to show up a little bit of extra cash for these seaweed whales. 


Question: What Life Changes can you Make to Help With Constipation? 

There are certain life changes that you can make that help reduce your likelihood of developing constipation and fight against developing chronic constipation.

 First, I would recommend that you make sure that you stay hydrated. Drinking enough water will help your digestive system properly manage the food in your system, which helps to support healthy bowel movements. On top of that, you also want to make sure that you’re consuming enough fiber and staying physically active. Suppose you don’t get enough water throughout the day. In that case, it makes it hard for your digestive system to keep up with processing the waste leaving your body. 

Lastly, if you have a terrible habit of holding your stools, I would highly recommend stopping this habit. Doing so can make it difficult for your body to pass the stools later, so always be sure to use the bathroom whenever you feel the urge to do so.

Question: Can CBD Cause Bowel Problems? 

Some people experience nausea after taking CBD oil. However, not everybody who takes CBD oil experiences side effects. So, whether you experience nausea is up to how much she would you take if you take it on an empty stomach and if you have a sensitive stomach. But, CBD isn’t known to cause bowel problems.

Question: Can CBD Oil Help Digestive Issues?

 Yes, CBD is great for helping people fix digestive issues. CBD is great for helping people suffering from leaky gut syndrome because it helps lower their cortisol levels. When the cortisol levels in your body are too high, it can cause a whole list of health problems, such as intestinal permeability. 


There are a lot of options available, no matter if you suffer from occasional constipation or chronic constipation. Certain lifestyle choices can help to relieve your constipation. But, using CBD oil can help you get relief from the pain, inflammation, and overall discomfort that’s often experienced when you’re suffering from chronic constipation. However, before you start any sort of treatment with CBD, it’s essential for you to seek out your doctor’s advice. Your doctor will help you determine if there are any potential side effects that you should be aware of before you use CBD. In addition, they will help you to discover if there are any dangerous side effects that you could experience with CBD and any of the medications that you’re currently on.

 Overall, CBD is a fantastic choice for anyone who’s looking for a natural way to treat their constipation that won’t give him the more side effects to the name bargain for

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