CBDistillery CBD Review and Guide

CBDistillery CBD Review and Guide


The benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) have been making headlines throughout the United States in recent years. As a result, we have seen a massive surge of CBD companies hitting the market. Many of these have developed into successful brands with hundreds of positive reviews. It’s more than likely that if you’ve been shopping around for a CBD product, you have probably had CBDistillery on the list.

Many companies recently have come out of the woodwork claiming to be selling high-quality products. However, it can be hard to tell if this is true just by looking at their websites. Well, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. In this article, I will review one of the most popular CBD brands of recent times – CBDistillery.

CBDistillery has been a mainstay in the CBD industry for several years and is a very reputable brand. CBDistillery is a hemp CBD-oil manufacturer based out of Colorado and touts itself as a consumer-driven CBD provider, offering high-quality oils at a competitive price. 

This review will explain what you need to look out for before buying a product from CBDistillery and discuss their most popular products.

Quick Look: My Favorite CBDistillery Products

They offer a range of products, including oils, gummies, and vape juice. While I appreciate all products from CBDistillery, the following are my personal favorites. 

CBD Gummies and CBD Nighttime Gummies, 30 mg CBD Isolate (2 Pack)

nighttime vegan cbd gummiesWhat do I Like About this Product?

Well, to start with, the price is sitting in a very affordable range, at about $2 per serving (30mg per gummy). 

Each bottle contains 25 gummies.

The thing I love most about this package deal is that it contains two types of bottles, one that you can use at night time and one during the day. The nighttime formulation is designed with melatonin to help your body and mind get into a regular sleeping pattern. Each gummy contains 1.5mg melatonin. 

Product price: the package deal is $90, but each individual bottle is $55


Gluten-free and vegan friendly
Kosher friendly
Variety of flavors to choose from (raspberry, raspberry lemon, and strawberry)
Sweetened with tapioca syrup and sugar (so they don’t have that awful artificial sweetener taste)
Natural vegetable and fruit juices are used for colorants
The gummies are made with CBD Isolate, which means you can be sure they are free from THC. 
Third-party lab-tested gummies.


Made from Isolate (yes, I know, I used this as a pro, but there’s always a balance with these types of things) and so they don’t contain any additional plant compounds that could be beneficial (such as terpenes and cannabinoids) 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5000mg

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5000mg

This is CBDistillery’s product that is perfect for those who are more experienced with CBD products and are looking for a product that packs a punch. Thanks to its full spectrum formulation, a whole assortment of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids come along with this product. There are around 30 servings per bottle (if you abide by the serving suggestion), and the price per serving is around $8. 


Full-spectrum formulation, so you get to benefit from terpenes and cannabinoids with the ‘entourage effect.’
There are many positive reviews from users on the website. 
Third-party test results to give you peace of mind.
Convenient labeling with serving size and suggestion
Made using USDA certified hemp
Because it is made with the aerial parts of the hemp plant, you know that there is less than 0.3% THC (delta 9). And if you still aren’t sure, you can simply check the third-party lab test results, which are easily located on the product page on their website. The results are displayed as an image on the product image slideshow. If you want a more detailed overview of the results, you can scan the image for access to a more comprehensive overview.
High bioavailability 
Easy to order off the website, and they offer a product subscription discount as well. You can sign up for an automated product order that you can set up simply and easily straight from the website.


No flavored options are available.
No localized relief as you could get from topical products

CBN + CBD 1 : 3 Sleep Synergy Tincture

CBD Review and Guide

This is a nifty product that offers a thoughtfully designed product from the guys in the product development department over at CBDistillery. With 150 mg CBN and 450 mg CBD, the product is designed to support a good night of beauty sleep. The world can be a stressful place, and having a product to help support your sleeping habits is something almost all of us need at some point in our lives. 


Made with full-spectrum CBD, it offers the full range of benefits from the hemp plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. 
Because it is sourced from hemp, there is less than 0.3% THC.

It is formulated to make the best out of the CBN cannabinoid. While this is a lesser-known cannabinoid (for now), it is already exciting for those of us looking forward to new developments with CBD and hemp products.


This product is not suitable for use in the morning. If you are looking for a ‘pick me up’ type of product, then you should look for other products specifically designed for focus and energy. 
There are no flavored options, so if you don’t enjoy the typically earthy taste that comes from hemp, you might want to look for a different flavored product. 

CBDistillery Features

CBDistillery has been a mainstay in the CBD industry for several years, and after doing some digging, I can see that many people consider this a reputable brand. And here’s why I do too.

CBDistillery CBD Review and Guide

Product Range

They offer a range of products, including:


Full Spectrum CBD Oils
Broad Spectrum CBD Oils
Isolate (0% THC) CBD Oils
CBN + CBD Oils


CBD Chocolate
CBD Gummies
Full-spectrum CBD gummies
Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies
CBN +CBD Gummies
CBG +CBD Gummies

CBD Drink Mixes

Broad Spectrum CBD Drink Mixes

CBD Powders

Full spectrum CBD Powders
Broad Spectrum CBD Powders
Isolate (0% THC) CBD Powders
CBD + CBG Powders

CBD Capsules + Softgels

Full Spectrum CBD Softgels
Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels
Kava + Mushroom CBD Capsules

CBD Topicals

Full Spectrum CBD Topicals
Isolate (0% THC) CBD Topicals

CBD Pet Products 

Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oils
CBD Dog Treats

To keep things easy for shoppers like you and me that want to find a specific product targeted for a specific ailment or issue, they have also grouped their products into the following benefits: 

CBD for Relief
CBD to Relax
CBD for Sleep
CBD for Inflammation
CBD for Pets

The website also has two dedicated sections geared towards education:

How to Find the Right Product
CBD User Guide

Why does this matter? Well, they are actively helping people find out more about CBD and its potential benefits. This is in line with their branding, which states their mission is to help reduce any lingering stigmas surrounding the hemp plant and its cannabinoids. 

Company Reputation

Company Reputation

The company has made significant strides in the past few years to become one of the most popular brands in the industry. 

There’s no hiding behind tricky language at CBDistillery. The company prides itself on transparency and ensuring consumers know exactly what they are getting from the start.

CBD Distillery’s marketing team certainly needs a pat on the back. They have made a significant footprint on the social media front. As a flagship brand of Balanced Health Botanicals, CBD Distillery has sold its products to more than 1 million people since its inception around four years ago. On the social media front, CBDistillery has run with a movement on social media #CBDMOVEMENT and their podcast. Their branding is geared around removing any stigma that still lingers around cannabis and, in their own words, to “prove that CBD isn’t just a buzzword.”

What About CBDistillery’s Return Policy?

They have a 60-day guarantee window where if you are not satisfied with the product, you have the opportunity to send it back and receive a refund. However, the return policy page states that the money-back guarantee will only apply to products bought for the first time. 

But to be fair, I don’t think this is a gimmick on the company’s side because it makes sense they protect themselves against opportunist shoppers that might keep on ordering products, only to ask for the money back.

What Does the Public say About CBDistillery? 

I came across CBDistillery in a search for THC-free CBD oil. More people are researching news and reviews about these “non-pot” cannabis products lately, so THC-free is still preferred to full-spectrum CBD oil by a segment of the population. I appreciated the mission to educate customers and make sure people know their products don’t contain psychoactive properties. According to CBDistillery, its mission is to provide the highest quality full-spectrum hemp CBD oil products at the best value. All of the products are certified non-GMO, made from U.S.-based hemp, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

If you’re shopping for the highest-quality CBD products, the best place to begin is with reviews and analyses.

With so many customer reviews to choose from, CBDistillery stands out. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on which CBD brand is the best. Still, one thing remains consistent – customers are happy with CBDistillery products and even happier with their customer service.

CBDistillery’s Quality Standards

If you’ve spent any time online researching CBD brands, you may have noticed the “US Hemp Authority Logo” on a handful of sites. What is this?  

CBDistillery, a leading online CBD brand, has earned a new certification that further assures consumers of the quality of the product they are purchasing. The brand is now certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. USHA provides independent testing, auditing, and certification to ensure the identity and quality of its products. This approval helps provide consumers with reassurance regarding traceability, ingredients in its products that are fit for human consumption, and meet Food and Drug Administration compliance standards.

In 2019, CBDistillery’s parent company achieved the vital classification of self-affirmed generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status through an independent review by toxicologists. The designation makes it even easier for consumers to select Cannabidiol (CBD) products because they understand that the products are safe to ingest.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulating the safety of food, drugs, and beauty products in the United States. To do that, it has to establish guidelines for marketing these products to ensure companies are making fair claims. The FDA has been relatively hands-off when it comes to CBD. However, it has still issued warning letters to companies for violating federal law by making unproven health claims.

It’s worth noting that CBDistillery has not received an FDA warning letter. Other brands have received such letters for making claims about their products that were not supported by scientific evidence.

What About the Certificate of Analysis?

It’s true: many CBD products are murky about their ingredients and the amount of CBD in each serving. But not CBDistillery. All of their products are clearly marked with their CBD content per serving, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting—and how much. 

What is a COA?

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is an independent third-party test report that confirms your product’s purity. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting when you buy a product, so we always make sure our products are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure they are free of impurities.

A COA shows each item’s cannabinoid potency, terpenes content, water acidity, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins (toxic compounds produced by molds), residual solvents, and microbiology Petri film (presence of bacteria). The COA also includes potency information and the cannabinoid profile.

Every product goes through a third-party analysis through the ACS laboratory. And the best part? You can see that the ACS lab is ISO 17025-accredited lab, which, in simpler terms, means that you can trust they are a third-party accredited testing facility. 

CBDistillery makes it super easy to see their third-party test results. Simply scan the QR code (found on the product’s label), and you have access to the lab reports! The report’s overview is also shown on each product listing on the website, which is not found on all the products. This is a positive sign for the company, as they are actively trying to help people like you and me to feel at peace buying their products. 

Where Does CBDistillery Source their Hemp From?

CBDistillery makes you feel good about the products you order by giving customers insight into the manufacturing process. One thing that sets CBDistillery apart is that its hemp oil tinctures are made from non-GMO hemp grown with natural farming practices on open-air farms in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon.

CBDistillery’s manufacturing facility gets a couple of nods of approval as well. Their facility gets a stamp of approval from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Did you know they are also ISO-9001 certified? That means they’ve been audited by a third party to ensure that their manufacturing facility uses current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) and is ISO-9001 certified for quality. They strive to meet quality standards set by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and that’s not easy. 

CBDistillery’s extraction methods can be divided into two categories: those used for full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products and those used for isolates.

CBDistillery uses a supercritical CO2 method for its full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils and isolates. Supercritical CO2 is considered the cleanest and safest method, as it leaves no toxic residues that could harm the environment or end-user and produces higher quality products. Ethanol extraction is used for isolated products.

One of the most significant benefits of CBDistillery’s products is their transparency. Not only does the company print its third-party lab test results on every product page for easy viewing, but it also offers a hefty 30-day return policy on unopened or unused items. The site also has a complete FAQ section where you can find answers to commonly asked questions about CBD and learn more about how to use CBDistillery’s products.

What Type of Product Potency Does CBDistillery Offer? 

CBDistillery specializes in providing a range of products to meet your CBD needs. From oils to soft gels to gummies, they offer formulas that vary by spectrum type and potency so you can customize your experience. Edible items clearly indicate the CBD content per serving. They have an impressive product range, at an even more impressive price range, ensuring everyone, and almost every budget, can find a product to fit their needs.

Each bottle has a label that says how much CBD is in the entire bottle, so you know how much you’ll be getting overall. The labels also suggest a serving size, how much CBD is in that serving, and how many of those servings are in the bottle.

Let’s say you have a 10 mL bottle of 1000 mg CBD tincture, and the suggested serving size is 1 mL. You’d take 1 mL of your tincture, which would give you about 100 mg of CBD. 

They offer oils and softgels in varying potencies that help with sleep, pain relief, and anxiety. Their powders, e-liquids, and gummies also come in a range of potencies to cater to both novices and those looking for a stronger product. 

How Affordable is CBDistillery?

Affordability is a source of pride for CBDistillery. Since CBD is still new to many people, they want to make it accessible and easy to buy. They offer free shipping on all orders over $75. They also offer an attractive wholesale program with bulk discounts and a couple of discount programs. 

When it comes to CBD products, affordability is critical. If a company sells its CBD products at sky-high prices, you know something’s up. But, always remember that the opposite can be equally valid, too. If the price is too low, something’s fishy as they are likely cutting corners when it comes to manufacturing. 

They also have a great rewards program that encourages you to share your experience with others and earn free CBD in exchange for rewards points!

That’s why I’m so excited about CBDistillery: They strive to make high-quality CBD products accessible to everyone.

Some other CBD Brands to Consider

Didn’t CBDistillery tickle your fancy? No worries! There is a sea of CBD companies to choose from. Here are some of my most notable favorites:


Joy Organics

Why I like them:

They pride themselves on their organic products and top-notch quality. 
Awesome product variety that demonstrates how in tune they are with the market. It also shows they listen to what the public is saying and endeavor to give people what they ask for. 

R + R Medicinals 

Why I like them:

Honestly, I love this brand’s packaging. It is a bit of a mundane reason to support a brand, but that’s not the only reason why I like R + R Medicinals! 
They are relatively new but have seen immense strides in popularity amongst people shopping for quality CBD products.
They manage their entire process in Colorado, so you know they keep their eyes on their products at every step in the production process.
USDA certified organic

Spruce CBD

Why I like them:

They offer an incredibly high potency CBD product for those of us that are looking for something more potent than what is typically offered in the market (they offer 80 mg of CBD per ml).
Vegan friendly

The Bottom Line

Unlike some other companies out there, they’re transparent about what they do, and they post the results of all their third-party lab tests on their website. They also offer a wide range of products, so you can find whatever you’re looking for, from tinctures and topicals to gummies and capsules.

When it comes to CBD brands, you don’t want just any old ones. You want a reliable company that manufactures its products in good manufacturing practices and ensures the quality of its products through independent third-party lab testing.

That’s precisely what CBDistillery does.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is CBD?

Answer: CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids that are found in hemp. The CBD in our products comes from hemp grown in the United States.

Question: What is the Difference Between CBD and Marijuana?

Answer: Hemp and marijuana are both varieties of cannabis, but they are not the same thing. Hemp has a much higher concentration of CBD and virtually no THC. Unlike marijuana, hemp does not make you “high”; it simply provides a range of health benefits.

Question: Will I get High From Using CBDistillery Products?

Answer: No! Their CBD products are non-psychoactive, meaning they will not produce any effects similar to a “high.” You can use our products daily without fear of accumulating a tolerance or experiencing adverse side effects.

Question: Is CBDistillery a Good Brand?

Answer: CBDistillery is a company that prides itself on the quality of its product and its dedication to the customer. As a result, it has gained praise from the community at large for its focus on transparency and ethics. The company is based out of Colorado and has an excellent reputation among those in the cannabis industry. They also have an online store that sells CBD oil, edibles, and some other products.

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